Friday, August 31, 2012

4 Ways to Stay Away from Cancer

Cancer, as well as other deadly generative diseases, all start to develop when the immune system is weakened and your body is exposed. However, if you want to know how to stay away from cancer, you should keep in mind that cancer “happens” because you not only allow it, but you invite it in, so to say.
Most of people today get cancer because they are uninformed or misinformed on how to keep it away, so we`ve considered we could provide you with some crucial information on how to stay healthy and not allow this dreadful disease stop you from enjoying life.

However, the information that you will read below should also be considered by people who have already been diagnosed with cancer and don`t know how to heal themselves because it has been proven that cancer is a reversible disease and if you lead a proper lifestyle, you will treat it.

1. Eat Only Natural Food
What I mean by this is that people need to eat the food they were built for by Mother Nature and not the foods that “human specialists” say they should. Fruits and vegetables are the foods that provide us with all the vitamins, minerals, fibers and antioxidants to nourish all the body cells and keep them in good health.
These foods are natural as long as they come from nature and have grown without any chemicals whatsoever. Try to do this for a few days, maybe a week and see how you feel, first of all and if your overall health condition has got better. Replace you bacon and eggs with some fresh fruits in the morning and you will feel the difference in only a few days.
There is no way in the world that someone who pays a great deal of care for the food they eat has ever contracted cancer. Say no to all the frozen, canned, sweetened and processed foods whatsoever, because they will not give you the elements you body needs to keep safe, moreover they will do more damage to you than you can imagine. So, this is the first thing you need to do to stay away from cancer.

2. No to Addictions of Any Kind

Alcohol, smoking, coffee, energy drinks, soda drinks, diet sodas, chewing gum and so on could easily pass by addictions if you have them at least once a day or even less. The beverages and products I have enumerated above are all part of the contemporary society lifestyle and they are due to decades of brainwash and intensive marketing.

Don`t get fooled into thinking that these habits can get you any good. All sorts of cancer have been correlated with smoking, heavy drinking, soda drinks and other products because of what they contain. Have you ever wondered why chewing gum is such a bad choice if one wants to keep away from cancer? Have you ever heard of Aspartame? Then give it a quick Google.
There is nothing that kills you faster than the lack of information. Say no to products that want you to beg for more and get you trapped because they all have a down side to them.

3. Say No to Meat
Maybe this could be the most intriguing thing that you will read here, but according to numerous scientific studies that could hardly find a way to enter the mainstream media, heavy meat consumption is one of the ways to get cancer.
Have you ever heard of someone who has died due to fruits and veggies consumption (except for having an allergy they didn`t know about)? Neither did I.
However, due to its high toxins content and other stuff we were not meant to eat and out body does not know how to deal with, meat consumption has triggered very many diseases and epidemics: salmonella, e.coli, ischemic heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and some cancer types. If you want to know more on how meat intake affects your health condition and causes cancer, we recommend you to watch Forks Over Knives.
4. No Processed Foods
Perhaps the most deadly and most dangerous substances that have been proven to cause cancer in numerous of studies are the food additives that are added in processed foods.
Believe it or not, most chicken nuggets American people eat have never even get close to chicken, not to mention all the other frozen foods that you can`t ever figure out what they are made of.

MSG, Aspartame, Red 2 G, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Nitrite and so one, are only a few of the food additives that cause cancer and still, in most countries of this world they have been approved by the authorities to make part of the highly processed, no value foods that they pour down our thoughts.

However, things are simple, if you believe you can`t live without these things that constantly consume your mind, body, energy levels and in the end well-being and health, don`t do it. However, this is the only way to stay away from cancer and live a long and really happy life. You can make some exceptions and you won`t get sick, but your overall lifestyle should go back to how it used to be some decades ago, when our grandparents and great grandparents feed on plants and fruits and suffered from neither one of the terminal diseases.

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