Monday, September 10, 2012


Women’s appearance can be best complemented with make ups and accessories. Many fail to give themselves a boost due to poor make up application. Here are some basic beauty make up tips to check out.Foundation
.  The foundation serves as the base for the makeup.  Foundation can be in liquid, powder or cream form that will even out the skin to appear flawless. Since there are many shades to choose from, make sure you will be able to choose one that is similar to your skin tone so it will look natural on your face. The application of the foundation should not be thick for it may form fine lines; it must be evenly applied on the face.
Eyeshadow. Your eyeshadow creates the shape of the eyes. Your eye shape becomes your basis in applying eyeshadow that will create an appeal in your overall make-up. You can either go for rounded or winged application. The winged application is best for those eyes with firm skin towards the corner of the eyes; younger women can choose to have this application. However, for those with sagging skin, rounded application is recommended especially if your brow bone visibly curves around the eyes. To choose between the two types of application, you may apply the winged on the other side and the rounded on the other. Then, find out what looks best for you.

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