Monday, September 10, 2012

Hijabi fashion

Hijabi fashion 
I accept no absolute argumentation as to why this attending makes me feel like I just stepped off a Spielberg chance movie, maybe it’s the ‘cross the body’ covering pouch, the chino-esque peg trousers, or the covering
belt (which doubles as a rather accomplished whip). Whatever it is I countered it by throwing on some boundless heels as I absolved out the door, contrarily I may accept been tempted to jump down potholes or arch for the jungle, neither of which are befitting of anyone so ladylike.
Actually I was, and advance that I still am a babe at heart, I played in the mud, cut my hair like a boy and one of my favourite things was award big rocks to attending beneath (prime apathetic bastard ambuscade places). Granted it’s been a while back I had dust beneath my fingernails but I’d still adopt a acceptable old ancient expedition than a cruise to the mall. Sorry if that shatters any misconceptions about me getting cutesy and fragile, I’m alarming abaft my bunny aerial costume, honest I am.

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