Friday, August 31, 2012

African American Hairstyles

African American women's search for societal acceptance often encompasses struggle between natural and socially constructed ideas of beauty. As an essential component in traditional African societies, cosmetic modification is ritualized to emphasise natural features of blackness. Defined by social occasion such as childhood development to maturity, indicators of marital status or the group to which you belong, beautification of the hair and body play an essential role. In our racially conscious society, presenting a physical image and being accepted is a complex negotiation between two different worlds.Lois Corbin, an experienced hairdresser in the Harrisburg area, has seen styles come and go. She owns and operates her own salon and caters to the many different needs of her life long customers. Not only is her salon a place where hair styles are created, but it is also where confidence and relationships are built. Here Mrs. Corbin talks about how hair is both a physical and emotional statement .The classic bob hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles to be sported by African American women. Angular cuts on the back and sides impart an asymmetrical look to the bob cut. A bang can also be added to the cut, resting just above the eyebrows. The length of the hair at the back can be kept shorter than the hair length at the sides. Layered hairstyles are known to be in fashion at all times. Straightened short hair, with layers on the sides and at the back, is a good in-between style for those who are growing their hair long. Layered hairdo can be kept as short as pixie length or can be kept longer as well for a more versatile look. You will have to tell your hair stylist the exact length that you want for your hair, when you go for layers.

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