Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Punk out your Look with a Men’s Fanned Mohawk

Fanned Mohawk men haircuts

Men’s fanned Mohawk hairstyles may look difficult to maintain, but they are well worth the effort. A Mohawk creates a distinctive style that is hard to ignore. If you want your look to be unique or aspire to join the punk crowd, a men’s fanned Mohawk is the way to go.

cool mens short haircut:Men’s Fanned Mohawk

Men’s Fanned Mohawk

Once your hair has reached sufficient length, you need to style it is a spiky, vertical manner. Men’s fanned Mohawks should extend in a straight line from your forehead to the nape of your neck. Your hair should stick out from your head at a 90 degree angle. The strands can either be separated to create a look reminiscent of Roman centurion’s helmet or they can be clumped together in distinctive spikes. As your men’s fanned Mohawk reaches towering heights, you will need to use a lot of product to keep your look together. Some people try conventional solutions with gel and hairspray, but you will soon find that they will not give you a full day’s hold. Instead you should try an adhesive product like Elmer’s glue, cornstarch, gelatin, or egg whites. Eggs whites have the added advantage of nourishing your hair as well.

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