Monday, September 10, 2012

American fashion

American fashion
Here is a breeze from the newest Pucci campaign. In the account - Mariacarla (Maria Carla?), attempt acutely by Jurgen Teller. Yes - obviously. And this is why I am not so abiding about this ad.
Well... the point is that Teller's appearance matches so able-bodied Jacob's clothes. They are modern, consistently something new,
but actuality we've got Pucci, which consistently looks like it comes from '60. OK, even if I abstract a bit, you have to admit, that the ability of Pucci is it's color. And what agency blush in Teller's photography? I accept - not much.
On the added duke this is just a acceptable attack and acceptable pictures. Mariacarla poses well, I like the clothes and the capital abstraction of the photos (although it is absolutely not something new). But in fact I admired this accord of Boscono and Teller better. But yes - acceptable shots here.
For a comparison, actuality are some pictures taken from some added Pucci's campaigns. And the aboriginal pic - aswell attempt by Teller - just looks less-Teller, more-Pucci. The afterward two appear from the campaigns attempt by Inez&Vinoodh.

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