Friday, September 7, 2012


There are soooo abounding abundant Make-up artisan out there, and if it’s able-bodied done, the aftereffect is just Stunning !! One of the Masters of this art is absolutely Sylvia Dell’ Orto but there aswell affluence of
beneath accepted accomplish up artisan with abundant talent. As you apparently already ample out, we LOVEphotography at TrendLand but we aswell analysis Stylists and Makeup & Hair maestros, and at the end you see that is what makes abundant photography: The Team! The aggregation you plan with is as important as the archetypal or the best of lighting or clothes, and if you see some amazing editorials, its a aftereffect of all this aptitude aggregate calm to accomplish absolute imagery. Make-up artisan are absolutely one of the important links bare to aftermath a ablaze shot. Here is a little accumulation of Beauty/make-up shots that I adulation !
By Erica Rodriguez

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