Thursday, September 6, 2012


I started cutting composition if I was 13 – that was 27 years ago. Aural that time, I accept alone taken a breach from composition for a 3-year aeon of time if I was with a admirer who did not like girls that wore
make-up. If we bankrupt up, I began cutting it accustomed already afresh – it’s been 13 years. I saw myself as accepting ‘perfected’ the art of my face to the point of area it ‘looked’ like I was cutting annihilation at all and the way I appeared to others was of ‘natural’ and ‘timeless’ as it was reflected aback to me from the others via announced words aural my worlThe acumen that I chock-full cutting composition is because I noticed that I accomplished a abundant bulk of attrition aural myself via thoughts, memories, and movie-pictures aural me, as my mind, as others seeing me as ‘ugly’, unattractive, and not ‘put together’. Further, I had fabricated myself accept that in adjustment to accomplish money in the restaurant business, that I had to attending ‘my best’. I was afraid shitless of anyone seeing my face with the imperfections that I see – a red nose, red areas about my mouth, pores, and a ‘greasy forehead’. I was afraid that I would no best to be able to allure nor abduction other’s absorption because I would no best authoritative my dejected eyes the focal point of my facial features. And my eyes accept been a big ego point for me as that’s what those about me animadversion as ‘being beautiful’ and some say they are the a lot of admirable eyes they’ve anytime seen.
Whenever I anticipation of giving up putting composition on my face, I, central of myself, as my mind, aural my ego would go fucking nuts. LOL. Red flag.
On the aboriginal day, I was afraid afore abrogation the house. What was interesting, is that no one noticed. No one aural my apple advised me any differently. On the additional day, I was told by a acquaintance that I was beautiful. And the third day, a woman that had a job action for me, said, “Wow. You are so beautiful. It’s been so continued back I’ve apparent you …”d.

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