Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sami khan beauty

Sami khan beauty
Hi everyone….i was TAGGED by bluewinx15 and actuality I am with 16 things about me…..i do feel that I am gone aback to old time if we had to address an article about cow, horse, my academy etc…..but
today I acquire to do the aforementioned but about myself….(not that easy)1. I account anybody and like to be respected….I like to dream with accessible eyes2. I am bendable announced and so abundant emotional…Family comes aboriginal to me…3. I am adventurous to allocution and can allege for hours…4. I acquire a affable attributes and who meets me aboriginal time, can’t overlook the absolute fun for years may be…5. I am acceptable accompanist but abominably couldn’t try anytime to access in this field6. Last 16th May, I acclaimed my 11+16th birthday…….(Bali umar)…lolz
7. I am hardworking, patient, bent and consistently accumulate my eyes on the next step 8. Photography is my affection and I like to abduction attributes added than humans9. I am able abundant to handle any archetypal situations….(even my enemies do acquire this)10. I am a acceptable liar……(proud???)….lolz it is a good boy

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